About Me

I am embarking on my 20th year as  school library media specialist, according the the state department, but they keep changing my years of service, so I’m not really sure. I am currently working in a wonderful middle school in my hometown. I am also a wife, mother, sister, daughter, and a thousand other things I share with billions of other people. I think technology is a wonderful educational tool. I do not think a computer will ever teach my child or any child with the love, compassion, concern, and level of expertise that a flesh-and-blood educator uses on a daily basis. Technology is a tool. We are users of that tool. I hope that you will glean a nugget or two of wisdom from my posts or, at the very least, a giggle or grin. Eye-rolls are also accepted since my daughter is current middle schooler extraordinaire, is perfecting the skill! Thank you for visiting me at Sam’s Lit Café 2.0. If you want to add to my huge Twitter following and help bump me over 200, look me up there @SamsLitCafe! I am also on Goodreads under the same handle.


2 responses to “About Me

  1. Marcia S. Kalayjian

    Good work, Samantha! Will look forward to reading more.

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